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February 2, 2019
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February 13, 2019


Peace is not

Peace is not



In this world of anarchy and conflicts, wars are inevitable. In an urge to gain supremacy and dominance; superpowers are exploiting global peace. In this race of self-interests, dominants are crushing human rights. Inequality, injustice and biased decisions of global actors can never leave peace in the world. Moreover, the absence of a central government ensures that global peace is not possible. Rapidly increasing armament, advancement in technology, ever increasing greed is all responsible for halting global peace.

Dominant countries beset world peace.  For example, the USA entered the Korean War with an aim to blow communism. Secondly, the USA is rapidly succeeding in achieving more and more modern weapons. While the USA is trying to disarm North Korea. The USA claims that weapons are unsafe in the hands of North Korea. However, the same weapons are unsafe in the hands of the USA. It is biased, which is responsible for disturbing world peace. Therefore I strongly believe that conflicts are inevitable in this world. This world is not heaven.


To become global armed enactors supreme powers determine to be dominated. Therefore, they focus on more and more militarization and economic prosperity. From early victimization to a trendy capitalist economy, our Western economic process has typically been at the harm of alternative nations. West has made tremendous wealth and development in Europe and therefore colonized nations for economic prosperity. Created trade roots and benefited from an economic point of view. But they do everything for the benefit of the West. Because economic prosperity help in more and more militarization and hence enhances dominancy and hegemony.

Although the war has never been in the benefit of human beings it always resulted in pain and sufferings. Actually human nature of competition, unequal distribution of wealth as well as power, vast diversity in religion and culture. World peace seems to be a dream. Since time immemorial, internal conflicts and brutal violence being expressed in human nature. In this world, it is difficult to create cooperation and replace competition.

UN claims to be an organization to keep peace in the world. While history witness that the UN failed to keep peace in the world. Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar, Iraq, and Afghanistan are the best examples of it. UN has failed to keep peace in the world. This sure, that its services are biased. Moreover, the poor performance of the UN can be seen in the south and east China seas. All this has mounted terrorism the world over. All this explains that UN strategies remain poor to keep peace in the world and to eliminate terrorism. Many would argue that with war comes great suffering and pain, loss of lives, years of civilization has been wiped out with just a bomb and individuals who survive war are often emotionally, physically, and psychological damage. For example, when the U.S. dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

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Kashmir is a Muslim majority state. Since 1947 the innocent people of Kashmir are striving for freedom against India. India is brutally crushing human values in Kashmir. Pakistan raised voice against injustice and atrocities in Kashmir in UN. UN proposed a referendum in Kashmir but India never did it. India did not obey the UN but the UN remains silent because India is one of the emerging global powers now.  This is not only an exception; the peace of Palestine has been suffocated by Israel. Barbarism and brutal actions of Israel have been crossing every limit but the UN is silent. Which witness its biases.

Word Peace is not Possible

To be true, nationalism is another reason for disturbing global peace and prosperity. Sometimes this nationalism results in hostile incidents such as; in ethnic crisis, genocide, terrorism, revolutions, and even wars. Education in the world remains unsuccessful to eliminate these moral issues in the world. Moreover, every religion preaches peace but human nature has some uncivilized evil part that keeps on creating problems in the world. History reports a number of ethnic crisis in the world; Rohingya conflict in Myanmar, ethnic violence in South Sudan, Omoro-Somali clashes in Ethiopia and others.

To conclude, history is itself evidence of the fact that many wars in the past have been fought only because of aggression.  The peace and life of innocent people finished only because of this aggression. The aftermath of war whether psychological, materialistic or health issues. The results of holistic World wars can be seen still today. Even after about a century. It not only shifted economic balance but also pulled Great Britain to debt and shifted power to the USA. World War 1  resulted in the downfall of Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia. Cruel methods were used in these wars including deliberate massacres, mass bombing, diseases, starvation, and genocide. Only in the Second World War, the deaths reported are about 60 million. It is estimated that 40 million civilians while 20 million personals died in this horrific event. Neither World War 1 gave anything good to human beings nor did ww2 give anything good. Therefore, with common agreement countries decided to establish the United Nations Organization (UNO) to check and balance peace in the world. But it is clear that this UNO is still not so successful but it is biased. These human rights have been violated in many countries of the world but UNO is silent.

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