The education system of Pakistan Essay:

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The education system of Pakistan Essay:

Education System of

Education system of Pakistan Essay:

Education plays leading role in any society.  For the development of any country the fundamental role of education is undeniable. Independence of Pakistan was laid upon schooling and awareness provided to the Muslims of subcontinent by Ali-garh Movement. Not only pedagogy but quality instruction matters. In Pakistan, the system of education is more theoretical than practical and research oriented. That’s why   people demand jobs form government than starting   their own business and serving nation.

Policies For education system in Pakistan:

Policies for education system in Pakistan are well enough. But unfortunately there are no strict checks and balances in schooling system of Pakistan. These policies are beauty of paper and are not practical.

Pakistan have  competing policies but unfortunately due to lack of honesty, strict rules and regulations, fierce punishments for violating laws, but these are mere documental.

Diversified mediums OF EDUCATION:

Unfortunately, due to no checks and balances, the system of the instruction’s in Pakistan is divided into the following ctegories:

-> Urdu medium School system

-> English medium school system (Cambridge School System)

-> Madrassah school system

Different levels of education system :

-> The different levels of education institutes are as follows

-> Preschool (For 3 To 5 years age children)

-> Primary level (grade 1 to grade 5)

->Middle level (grade 6 to grade 8)

-> High school (grade 9 to grade 10)

-> Intermediate school (grade 11 to 12)

-> University education (grade 13 to onward)

The university education system in Pakistan has following domains

-> Vocational Education

-> Technical Education

-> Medical Education

-> Commerce business Education

-> Agricultural Education

-> Engineering Education

18th constitutional amendment for educational system of Pakistan:

In 18th constitutional amendment, pedagogy in Pakistan is a subject matter of provinces not of federal government which mainly finances higher education. Does this means that  schooling in Pakistan is an important matter for Pakistan or not?

Educational Budget for FY 2018-2019:

According to  Educational Budget for FY 2018-2019  Rs. 111.23 billion have been  documented for education including 46.23 billion for  (Private Sector Development Programmed) PSDP  and 65 billion for recurrent for coming fiscal year .Which are higher than ever before.

Private Sector of Education System of Pakistan:

The Private Sector of instruction of Pakistan is now more business oriented. There is no one to check their dues and balance them. In good institutes dues are so high that a normal person cannot think about it.


                     The importance of education in the progress of a society can never be denied. Education should be top priority of a government. Health facilities and quality schooling are inalienable basic needs of a society. Recommended GDP for education is 4%. But, unfortunately, in Pakistan GDP for education is never more than 2%. Secondly, primary pedagogy is not our top priority but university learning has gained importance. This is not fair but this should be reversed.

Thirdly, diversified medium of  school coaching  creates problem. Our mother language is Urdu but official language is English. This creates confusion for students. Fourthly, males and females do not have equal opportunities of progress. Fifthly, feudal system still exists in our country. It is a big hurdle in promoting schooling in our society. Due to lack of enlightenment, people are not well aware of their fundamental rights. The infrastructure of schools as well as passionate teachers should be more important. In rural areas, infrastructure, the infrastructure is not that well. As far as teachers are concerned teachers are not by-themselves passionate, then how can they motivate students for enlightment. For the motivation of teachers, it is important that their salaries should be high. The prestige and rewards of teachers should be at that level which keep them contented and motivated. If society does not respect teachers then how students can respect teachers, ultimately, teachers don not work passionately. The result is society does not promote pedagogy and education system of Pakistan fails to produce passionate youngsters which may play a positive role in society.

How education system of Pakistan can be made the best:

 Best education system follows free and equal schooling for all. Free and equal education must be constitutional. Besides this, teaching should be highly regarded profession. Before promoting education teaching should be made highly prestigious.  Class room environment should be highly interactive and activity based. AV-Aids should be used in classroom. Home work is not compulsory after highly interactive and activity based class. Vocational and general education should be equally subsidized under highly qualified teachers. Free Education should be constitutional right. Child labor should be strictly banned. Best classrooms provide the best education system.


Pakistan has good policies for educational system. But due to corruption, lack of honesty, no accountability and awareness Pakistan has low literacy rate in the region.  Right now if accountability becomes active, there would be remarkable improvement in coaching system and literacy rate of Pakistan.

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