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March 8, 2019
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March 31, 2019


Promoting Quality Education


Increasing enrolment rate in a society do not mean that the ratio of educated people in the society is increasing. Near me, educated people are meant to serve society with their bright, innovative and creative ideas as well as opening opportunities for their descendants. Does education means producing a force of degree holders which are in search of job and cannot do anything on their own. The purpose of learning and getting education is skill development in youth so that they can establish their own business, no matter at how much small level, and create employment for others. Why bachelor level degree holders of business search for job after graduation? The key role of education is adult literacy, women empowerment and skill development in youth. To be true, education is essential in making a society prosperous. Not only formal education but non-formal education can even play a fundamental role in empowering state.

In a developing state, to understand challenges at grass root level, self-made students of vulnerable, neglected, poor and underprivileged families should be supported by establishing a link of institutions with industries in order to provide empowerment to youth. 

In developing states, the demand of child labor keep on increasing; however, sometimes, the glooming news of child labor arouse which gathers sympathy of media and politicians but soon becomes an ignorant past. The constitution of Pakistan, undoubtedly, ensures equal and free education to all children from 5 to 16 years of age under Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan. But, this rule of law like many others is not implemented.

In developing countries including Asia, forced child marriage, bonded labor, domestic servitude and child trafficking hampers children from getting education and taking part in prosperity of a society. Child labor ruins the torture of a child.

In order to promote quality education child labor must be abolished. It is one of the essentials of promoting quality education.  

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