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February 13, 2019
Is World Peace Possible in World
Is World peace possible?
February 13, 2019

Power of Media

Power of Media by CSSPOINT.ORG

Power of Media

Media in contemporary world is an ultimate source of voices of people which engages people from all over the world. It has become a platform of learning, connectivity, networking, inspiration, business as well as a place for vulgarity, brutality, misinformation and smearing/dangerous hateful propaganda. It shapes a society as it controls minds of youth. The role of media in shaping political, cultural, ethical, traditional and business models is inevitable; however, it is its responsibility to act with honesty and play a role of mirror which shows true side of all affairs of a society but, unfortunately, sometimes it shows biasness which spreads poison in a society.


  • Media – pre-requisite for a democratic state
  • Media – Right to have access to media is provided by Universal Declaration of Human Rights, embraced by the UN General assembly.
    • Media – a powerful source of information and entertainment

  • with the advent of the internet. online life has become unavoidable
  • Social, economic, political, Education and jobs- all activities are tended to be the online conclusion.
  • The immense power of media is pivotal in a society in the 21st century. Media utilizing cementing power of democracy influences on social, economic and political values of an individual as well as a society. Media is considered as the fourth pillar of a state. Media is prerequisite to establishing a democratic state. Mass media provoke a society as it provides guidance by the right information. Social Media is a powerful socialization tool should contribute towards harmony, integration, and cohesion through entertainment, information, and education. Media has the power to shape the minds of a generation whether positive or negative. Therefore, the relationship between media and society has become the center of attention now. Playing a positive role, media spread religious, educational, political and positive cultural information. But, sometimes it is responsible to set up political and social unrest in society.

    Media not only nourishes roots of democracy in society but also stabilizes and strengthens the country by providing immense information and awareness because only a well-informed and up to date society can show progress towards development. Media being a watchdog keeps an eye on all the affairs of society as well as the government. On behalf of the public, the media observe all actions of the government. In order to flourish democracy, media is the basic need of society. As democracy strengthens in a society where people have freedom of speech, expression, and assembly. According to US President Roosevelt, if freedom of the press is challenged then all the fundamental rights of a society which ensures democracy would be challenged. In this era of advanced technology, freedom of speech and expression can never be challenged in a democratic society.

    Media influences not only on information but also on communication. In the blink of an eye, people from all over the world can be getting informed and collaborated. With the development of advanced technology and ever improving media, global society is being shaped by social media and marketing, media researchers and professionals. Besides providing entertainment, gaming, online communication, multimedia technology and social media. It also provides a platform for education and religious coaching. With the passage of time, media has gained credibility as a trusted and information-rich platform for interaction of experts with learners.

    Media empowers the voice of the public without any discrimination. In the twenty-first century, media has become liberal enough to give voice to public opinions.

    In the 21st century, media has become liberal enough to give voice to public opinions. Psychologically, it is a human desire to share valuable and worthy information. Media visualizes environmental, social and political ills of society. This has done a wonderful shift of balance of power from the hands of a few to all public. Social media is very common. Social media is not only used for the purpose of sharing information, entertaining stuff but it is also being used for the purpose of strengthening knowledge and promoting business. With this advancement, the workplace has removed boundaries; it has raised interactions from all over the world which help organizations to hire highly skilled experts and knowledgeable workers.

    Nowadays, social media is even being used for training and development. Social media techniques are helping organizations, education sectors, and career builders. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, wikis, and podcasts are now day’s very common and essential tools in all type of institutions. It has made possible distant learning. Online distant learning programs are gaining popularity by all types of media, particularly social modern days; fake news has got a platform. Social media has become a platform for fake news, cybercrimes and wiki leaks. Unfortunately, it has got the attention of the public.

    Fake news these days is not a challenge. In the past, fake news holders had not such a wonderful platform for social media. But, today, fake news not only gain attention but also manipulates public opinion. In this new era, the cost of information transmission has fallen enough and the quality of reporting has been increased drastically. These circumstances have made difficult the checking of authentication of facts. News reporting had started from the era of World War 1. In early 1920, Chicago Daily News was a gold standard for foreign reporting. The quality of reporting increased with the advancement in traveling particularly air travel. After World War 1 commercial airlines were established. This also improved the transmission of information. The transmission of information also provokes fake news.

    Mass Media implies the wellspring of data, essential information and excitement which are accessible to people in general or masses of a nation. Today, media is so powerful that national and international news have become live. Broad communications assumes an essential job in building popular sentiment in a just nation. Mass media is partitioned into two sorts i.e. print media and electronic media.                                                                                

    Power of Social Media CSS point

    Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, embraced by the UN General Assembly, expresses that everybody has the privilege to opportunity of development. Correspondingly, Article 19 asks that the basic right of person is to look for, get and give data and thoughts through any media tool. To the extent the constitution of Pakistan is concerned, its Article 15 pronounces that each subject will have the privilege to move uninhibitedly all through Pakistan. Article 19 of our constitution likewise manages the opportunity of articulation and press, and peruses that each resident will have the privilege to approach data in all issues of open significance subject to control and sensible confinements forced by law.

    The exceedingly complex marketed media have gained so power that they realizes how to affect the human mind. To total up the intensity of media on our lives is colossal, it isn’t just a wellspring of amusement, however, educative and furthermore helps in making us frame our feelings on serious issues of social significance. It assumes a vital job in uncovering defilement and making open awareness against social wrongs and other undesirable practices in the general public. It can make or blemish political vocations, geniuses, sportsmen and so forth. Engaging media is an imperative wellspring of making people in general mindful of current Happenings, National and International undertakings, Politics, sports, business news, instructive, medicinal and wellbeing related issues. It likewise voices feelings on real occasions and so forth.

    Since the ascent of the Internet in the mid 1990s, media is even more powerful, popular and undeniable, that the world’s arranged populace has developed from the millions to the billions. Over a similar period, online life have turned into an unavoidable truth for common society around the world, including numerous performing artists – normal subjects, activists, non-governmental associations, media communications firms, programming suppliers, governments.                

    Power of Social Media CSS point

    The power of social media.                                                                                                                    

    Social media facilitates students as well as instructors. It is a source of improving productivity. It facilitates interaction between students and teachers, improves communication, increase collaboration as a result it has become a tool of learning. It has made connectivity even outside classroom. Social media is a tool and it has jeopardized the privacy of public.

    Today, Internet based life, provided by social media, a rapidly developing and prominent learning outlet. Social media provides such a significant number of brilliant results from the creation of web based life. The greatest being the manner by which rapidly news can spread. Anybody can share the news that they want with a couple of taps on a screen. The blame in this activity however, is that false declarations can be spread similarly as fast as evident ones. Because the communications panorama receives denser, greater complex, and greater participatory, the networked population is gaining greater get admission to facts, more possibilities to engage in public speech, and a more advantageous capability to adopt new ideas.


    Since, the power of media has turned 21st century – a world which is a global village. Social, financial, political, schooling and job activities have been largely shifted online. Media is a blessing. Media is a curse also, because of misleading informations.

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