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February 13, 2019
Human rights
February 13, 2019

Is World peace possible?

Is World Peace Possible in World

Is World peace possible?

World peace is certainly possible. Peace is glorious while war is wholesale destruction. Peaceful world ensures equality, justice, and fair play while war results in economic exploitation, conflicts, violence, inequality, disasters, famine, suffering, and poverty. Certainly; world peace is possible. No matter how hard issues, bloody wars, and small issues persist in today’s world. The international community is trying its best to solve issues that beset the world’s peace. It is everyone’s responsibility to invest their best for improving the world around. World peace is not only the absence of bloody wars but the absence of poverty, sufferings, inequality, hunger, and deprivation also. The dogma of peace is introduced by every religion of the world. The Holy Quran, The Bible, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and Confucius massively teaches the importance of peace, equality, justice, prosperity, justice, and freedom. No doubt, international organizations are playing their best, but it is mandatory to introduce teachings of peace, respect, love, say no to racial discrimination, or else, as well as strongly condemn the activists or politicians who provoke war or did not respect peace. Since centuries, human beings are striving for peace. In the experience of disastrous and excruciating world wars; the international community worked to establish international peacekeeping organizations to ensure peace in the world. Since all philosophers, religions, and civilizations preach peace and respect sovereignty as well as the security of others. Notwithstanding; global peace may remain a dream without effective and transparent accountability; result oriented and peacekeeping reforms

Is World Peace Possible in the World

Notwithstanding, for peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and conflict resolution, it is necessary to address root drivers and causes of conflicts and wars in the world. Peacebuilding is a high and central priority of diplomacy, foreign policy, international organizations of peace, security and human rights.

We can definitely achieve peace in the world. There is nothing impossible. World peace is neither a dream nor a natural gift but it has to be maintained. History is itself a lesson. Wars gave nothing but the destruction of material and peace. The Napoleonic wars, European wars, the great wars (World War 1 http://csspoint.org/world-war-i/and World War 2) gave nothing to anyone but uncountable destruction. Since war is greatest of evils. History is evident in the fact that all technological innovations, institutional arrangements, revolutionary advances in science and technology are made in years of peace. For peace in the world, the prevention of armed conflicts is mandatory.

Is World peace possible in the World?

Since world peace is mandatory, therefore, effective conflicts preventions are required by the states to solve the crisis. Diplomacy is the best way to resolve the international disputes and prevention of armed conflicts. States should solve their disputes by diplomatic discussions. Pre-emptive attacks disturb world peace. Genocide and other comparable crimes are not appreciated by the international community. Since world peace is not a gift but we the people of this planet has to work for keeping peace in the world. To achieve peace, precautions should be done at the international level. The first precaution is to say no to armed conflict and to resolve issues by diplomatic dialogue.

Since, human nature has both positive as well as negative domains. It is responsibility of schools and international community to preach lessons of peace throughout the world. Preaching lessons of peace, justice, equality can definitely make this planet a peaceful place to live in.  An optimistic approach can definitely make this planet a peaceful world. The factor is, within the core, that we all have a desire to establish peace in the world. We all desire to stand together as fellow human beings without racial discrimination, petty quarrels, and social variations. We have to really get out of the box and get united and passionated to achieve major global milestones.

We have to consider that we all are a family. National pride exists but it is never more than global peace on the planet.  Patriotism and nationalism generate competition, realists business, and armed conflicts. It is human nature that human beings hope for more sustainability, better lifestyle, more and more economic prosperity, all this is possible only if global peace is ensured. First and foremost is to ensure tolerance for opposite and disliked opinions.

Notwithstanding, challenges that disturb global peace and security and make it difficult to achieve are not impossible to tackle. Since centuries, Terrorism, drug trafficking, pre-emptive attacks, child abuse, smuggling, more and more armament disturb global peace.  UN is striving to remove all ills that revamp the world peace and security. Although; UN fails to achieve all goals of its charter but; no doubt, it has helped the world to keep the peace for a long time that never happened before in history.

Undoubtedly, the importance of international organizations can never be underestimated. Especially the United Nations (UN) has played an overwhelming role to prevent the scourge of war. Although, the UN has to face so many daunting challenges. One of them is an economic issue. UN entirely depends on the West for economic interests. This makes its efforts controversial. Whatsoever, the UN has done a lot to prevent war in the world. UN has promoted freedom of speech, protection of human rights, globalization, religious and cultural diversity, smart diplomacy and hence peaceful co-existence possible. Such peacekeeping missions have done a lot for promoting peace in the world.

To conclude, world peace is the desire of everyone. International is craving for a peaceful world.  Global peace is certainly possible by pro-active, not reactive approach towards resolving disputes. International community work for global peace by international organizations. The scourge of war has been prevented by peaceful agreements and can ensure a peaceful tomorrow. With the influence of UN, the world is at least capable of avoiding insane incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved war is not any solution to the problems of the world. With transparency, innovation, efficiency, and technological advancements and ills like poverty, hunger, disasters, war, famine, and injustice can be avoided. There is an intensive need to promote peace in the world. Intensive efforts need to be maintained on personal as well as international level. International disputes should be solved by diplomacy, negotiation, and consultation.

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