July 3, 2019



Undeniably, health is a great blessing of ALLAH. It is a basic necessity of life because it provides the will to do the activities of life with enough vigor and spirit. Therefore, a healthy person can serve society well. A healthy person can serve society. He can deal with challenges of life with efficiency. The whole journey of life is full of challenges. Which cannot be faced without good physical, mental, psychological and social health?

Importance of good health:

A life without good health is of no use. This is a burden instead. No matter how much luxury a person has in his life. It is of no use until and unless a person has good health to enjoy it. Health is so precious that it cannot be purchased. Good health is maintained by good habits. Good habits include regular exercises. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we are living in a life of environmental pollution. Food is impure. And life is so busy here. Therefore, people generally do not care about their health. Health can be personified with treasure. It needs to be protected and safeguarded. This in return benefits the owner. Keeping oneself healthy demands regular care and maintenance. Otherwise, a little ignorance can harm a lot.

Good health good life:

To live a life of happiness and prosperity, it is mandatory to take care of health. Good health enables a person to take care of a good life. A student needs good health to do his school activities. A professional person needs good health to show his performance as well as to encounter challenges of life.

For instance, if a person is healthy he can enjoy his life. But a wealthy person having no good health cannot enjoy his life.  


To conclude, a life without good health is of no use. A healthy life needs care, exercises, good food, and a healthy lifestyle.

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