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Globalization refers to international integration through technology, culture, business, and ideas. Globalisation is now just inevitable. Although the globalization has changed its forms in various decades it evolved rigorously. There is a misconception that globalization has its own pros and cons but the reality is, it is in the hands of users that how they benefit from globalization and manages its demerits by more globalization. Today, with the blessing of global internationalism-environmental, political, health issues, human rights and even any disastrous event in any country has not remained an individual issue. But it gains the status of the global issue. The best example is the earthquake of October 8, 2005. This devastating event took attention of the whole world. And the whole world came forward. Internationally, medical support, donations, rescue dogs and helicopters were sent to Kashmir.

Has globalisation been in the benefit of the West:

Commonly, it is said that globalization has benefited west more than all over the world. Although, the west has extracted cream out of globalization through best management. Being technically advanced and more educated the west extracted best out of global internationalization leaving local economic growth of developing countries hampered While enriched multinational corporations. The devotee of globalization believes that free trade, free movement of labor, increased investment, great competition and increased economies of the scale are blessings of global universalization. But all these so-called blessings of globalization, indeed, are a curse for developing countries. While the west advocate global universalization not just because it opens up new international markets, weeds out unproductive and introduces new ideas. But it yields bigger profits for lower production costs. West has advanced technology and educated brains. While they benefit from low priced labor of developing countries and not only have they benefited from low price labor. But extracted raw material from them while sale finished product at a good rate. This is how globalization is, all in all in the benefit of the west.

Is globalisation a curse for developing countries?

Realists believe that globalisation is a curse for developing countries. Specific policies of globalisation include trade, liberalization, high interest rates, fiscal austerity, privatization of state assests and capital flow and free market without proper management, by national government of each country leads to failure of desired process.

Developed countries being advanced in resources, as well as intellect of business extract best out of capitalism. As a custom, global internationalisation has become beneficiary for international business and multinational companies. It is not only a stance but a painful reality.

Best example of universalisation being curse for developing countries is labor exploitation, environmental problems, loss of local industry, and political pressure on internal affairs. Best example is Nike and McDonald’s. Indonesian Nike factories pay low salary workers for running factories. While sell their product at a high cost. In this example neo-liberalization benefit Nike more but not that much labor. So, it is not wrong to say that comparative advantages of globalisation are not equal for developed and developing countries.

Globalisation: a blessing

Fortunately, there is no query that globalisation has been a blessing for developing countries as well as developed countries. Thanks to globalisation which proved blessing for poor countries to get access to global markets.  The result of neo-liberalization is the world has become a global village.

Today working people have access to international industries where they get good leverage. Globalization has opened the way for education, business and advanced technology approachable for everyone. Apart from business, education, and opportunities, it is also a blessing of globalization that social media has connected people all over the world in such a way that they connect loved ones in seconds.

Tourism, international movement of goods, global markets establishment, rapid international routes development (OBOR, CPEC) are no doubt in benefit of all and blessing for all.

The power of emerging mass media is a blessing for religious and educational institutions. These institutions as well as communities spread their messages all over the world and engage people in useful activities. Now, people staying at home can get an education from anywhere in the world. This is off-course marvelous. 


Globalisation not only connected whole world but also made it a global village. It is a great blessing of globalization. It has made available international market to everyone.  There is no doubt that it has provided economic benefits to all over the world as well as provided employment opportunities to large population.

It has not only integrated world’s economy, but it is a fact that there is not only a single area of world community that is not being affecting with global internationalism. Politics, human rights, science as well as technology all areas of life are influenced with it. Therefore, it has turned all worlds’ community into global village. It not only connects people but also give them access to international markets and organizations.

Apart from pros of globalization, it has its own cons. It’s cons are not too high, they are not unmanageable. Although, it is reality that it affected job loss of poor and uneducated people as well as competing growing markets resulted in loss of local business. Global traffic also results in spreading of diseases. Climate problems are also result of globalization. Keeping in view all the pros and cons of globalization, it is well said that it is now inevitable and irreversible. In a nutshell, globalization is a need of state and society for progress and moving ahead to take part in this race and become a developed state.

It is also devaluing cultural norms especially through social media. Global universalization benefits more and harms less. All opportunities are in the hands of everyone, everyone can benefit from it.

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