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February 15, 2019
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February 15, 2019


Gender Equality is a Myth.


Although; both men and women are not created emotionally and physically equal. But no one is inferior. Both are equally important. Men and women are incomplete without each other. It can never be estimated to build a society without giving women their rights. A prosperous and peaceful nation can never be estimated without giving equal rights and opportunities to women. Women contribute almost 50% of population. The importance of females in family can never be underestimated, which is a basic unit of society. Then how the importance of females in a society cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately; gender disparity is pertaing in our country. Pakistan is not only an exception; women are not getting equal rights all over the world, even in developed countries. Although challenges faced by females of developed and undeveloped countries is different.

Twenty first century seems more active about women rights. A term feminism is introduced which inspires the concept of equal rights of men and women without any discrimination regardless of their gender. Women are inspired to take part in socio-economic mainstream of country. Undoubtedly, for the progress of any country it is essential that every member of society, without gender discrimination, contribute their best to uplift socio-economic structure of a nation. In this century, feminism is seeking peak; Barack Obama, Ban Ki-moon, J.K.Rowling and Malala Yousafzai all witness feminism. This is unjustified and unfortunate that besides all human beings are born equal; men and women are treated differently. Although; girls and boys both are equally valuable and deserve equal love and care as well as opportunities of life. Unfortunately; men and women born on equal abilities but enjoy different opportunities. Worldwide, men and women are not treated equally.

It is to be realized that when a women suffer; in fact a family, a home and a workplace suffer as a whole. Women have also good potential which is to be explored. Therefore; women should be educated. Women deserve equal amount of respect, opportunities and rights as men. Like men, women should also be treated as free, independent and respected individuals. Gender equality is a goal. It has to be accomplished by efforts; by media, education and feminism.

Gender disparity starts at a very early age; a number of female students remain unable to complete education despite being competent. In Europe 20.9% of full professorships are awarded to women.

The utmost importance of gender equality is undeniable for prosperity of a nation. Women must have equal access to education, healthcare, freedom and protecting human rights. For last 50 years, time to time, different efforts are being made to accelerate progress of women. However; in 2000, UNESCO launched campaign to eliminate gender disparity in education by 2015. According to this plan women were to give best importance and opportunities in every field of life. Unfortunately; this goal was not achieved but progress was made in this respect. Another effort was made in September 2015, when 80 world leaders met at UN and committed to eliminate gender disparity by 2030. It is of dire need to explore full potential of girls. Efforts are made to eliminate gender disparity but results of these efforts could not be achieved quickly. It is a crucial problem and impacts of policies may not be too early. Although; as a result of such efforts significant progress is being made.  In industrialized countries, number of working women has increased significantly. The number of social women in political sector has also increased significantly. According to an estimate; in Europe the number of working women in parliament has doubled.

For prosperity of a nation and to maintain a status quo, remarkable efforts are being made to eliminate gender gap. Although; the proportion of girls getting education is increasing but still there is a significant gap.  Women are not inferior or less talented but still they are mistreated. The underrepresentation of girls in higher classes is not because of lack of talent but because of discrimination. Both men and women are important pillars of a society. For good results, both men and women are needed in organizations, scientific societies and institutions. Women progress is not only needed for economic point but each and every prospect of a society effect from women education.

To eliminate gender disparity, it is mandatory that government must take ambitious initiatives, and introduce reforms.  If we goal to form a peaceful prosperous nation, we must give no space to excuses. Gender equality is next to impossible unless it is forced to maintain.

The society of Pakistan has impacts of different societies; colonial British rule, Muslim rule and Islamic teachings. The society of Pakistan has also learned from Indian civilization.  History of Pakistan has many nominated females. Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah worked relentlessly despite many hurdles with Muhammad Ali Jinnah for equal rights of women. Fatima Jinnah is an inspiration for females of Pakistan. Despite many efforts, the social status of women remained vulnerable because of extremism and feudalism. Political instability is also another reason for weak status of women in Pakistan. The rural, feudal and tribal communities are enemies of women empowerment. Until and unless they are not eliminated from a society, Pakistan cannot make any significant progress.  Although Pakistan to committed to international policies to provide basic rights to women. Nonetheless; literacy rate of women in Pakistan has increased significantly even in Baluchistan and Sindh. There is a dire need to address cultural mindset of parochialism, suppression of womenfolk and narrow mindness.  In Pakistan are cultural barriers to halt progress of women. Therefore such barriers should be addressed to make progress of Pakistan possible.

In Pakistan, however; women enjoy a better status than ever before.  The constitution of Pakistan gives equal status to women and men without any gender disparity. In the subcontinent, women basically suffer from child marriage, marriage to Quran, watta satta, divorce, dowry, rape and honor killing. Basically, women are deprived of basic rights of education, right to vote, employment, workforce participation and right to own land and property. Apart from all this many notable women enlightened the name of Pakistan; these nominated women are Fatima Jinnah: who was instrumental figure in Pakistan movement, Benazir Bhutto: who became first prime minister of Pakistan,  Mukhtaran Mai: a prominent women rights activist who was a victim of gang rape, Hina Rabbani: who became first foreign minister of Pakistan, Malala Yousaf Zai: she is youngest Nobel prize holder, she was girl’s education activist. Apart from this a large number of women have played a nominated role in sports, literature, education, politics, arts and entertainment.  Pakistan has enough talent.

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