April 13, 2019
April 13, 2019




What is an adjective?

An adjective is a word used with a noun which modifies a noun by describing its size, shape, color, quality, or more.


  • Alisha is a good girl. (Quality)
  • This is a good book. (Good: quality)
  • This is a beautiful house. (Beautiful: appearance)
  • Ali is a fast bowler. (Fast: kind)
  • He is an intelligent boy. (Intelligent: quality)
  • Where is a flexible ball? (Soft: quality)
  • This is a beautiful wooden table. (Wooden: material)
  • The woodcutter was an old man. (Old: age)

Kinds of adjectives:

Adjectives of quality

Adjectives of quality describe the quality or kind of a person, place or thing.


Lahore is a big city. (Big)

He is a loyal man. (Loyal)

Adjectives of quantity:

Words such as ‘any, most, many’ and ‘few,’ along with numbers (e.g. all, no), are adjectives of quantity.

Adjectives of quantity describe the exact amount or approximate amount of noun.


  • He ate some rice. (Some)
  • Ali showed little patience. (Little)
  • He is extraordinary intelligent (extraordinary)
  • Take great care of yourself. (Great)

Adjectives of numbers:

Adjectives of quantity and adjectives of number both indicate an amount. The point of difference between adjectives of number and quantity is -adjectives of quantity represent an approximate quantity whereas adjectives of number represent the exact number.


  • He won the race by 5. (5)
  • I have five chocolates. (Five)
  • Every student has to attend the class. (Every)

Adjectives of number are of three types

Definite numeral adjectives:

Definite numeral adjectives indicate an exact number. These are of two types:

Cardinal: three, four five.

Ordinal: third; fifth; sixth.

  Indefinite numeral adjectives:  Indefinite numeral adjective tells how many, but it’s not specific.

For example:

  • A few dogs ran up the stairs. The number of dogs is not definite whether one, two, three, or another number.

Distributive numeral adjectives: distributive numeral adjective describes each member of a group.

For instance:

  • Each cat that ran up the stairs had grey eyes.
  • Each of his words is true.
  • Pakistan expects every man to do his duty.

Demonstrative adjectives:

Demonstrative adjective points out the importance of noun or pronoun while emphasizing its importance.


  • This
  • That
  • These
  • Those
  • Such
  • Once

Interrogative adjective

Which, what, whose, when are used with nouns to ask questions and are called an interrogative adjective.

Note: interrogative adjectives are which words that are similar to interrogative pronouns and modify a noun.  These words cannot stand without a noun.

  • Whose pen is this?
  • Which coat is Rama’s?
  • Exclamatory adjectives:

The word “what” is used as an exclamatory adjective.   

  • What an idea!
  • What a blessing!
  • What a piece of art!

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